Picnic Railway


Picnic Railway started about a year ago. The band is deep into experimentation, jamming, improvisation and freedom of note and technique use.

The band as such doesn't have definite members but consists of a number of people who know the pieces as if they were "standards", meaning they play the tune, then improvise over it to make it as different to the other performances as possible.

Picnic Railway does rehearse very intensively however. The band members need to learn pieces very fast and will be given videos, tracks, demos, etc. to practice over and over again. Hours of work is put in from each member.

The only definite member is Danny Neo, a guitarist who occasionally sings for the band. He writes numerous pieces in a range of styles. This can be from Funk, Reggae, Soul, Blues, Rock, Gypsy, Jazz, Psychedelic and so on.

The band is very loose since it relies primarily on Danny inviting members for jams and teaching loose parts for improvising.

The band primarily uses the members Joe O'Neill, Miles, and Dean Miller. These are the most experienced players.

Picnic Railway on Facebook.

See Picnic Railway live at the Classic Grand on Saturday the 8th September.