Interview with Jake Beveridge

written by Keira Murray 

Jake Beveridge is an 18 year old singer/songwriter who was already involved with YRock at the age of 15. He has been compared to the likes of Paolo Nutini and 80s songwriters Edwyn Collins and Scritti Pollitti. Jake and his band catch up with Clyde 1's Jim Gellatly after their performance at the Old Fruitmarket.

Jake Beveridge

So Jake, I heard that you were involved with YRock at a young age.

Jake: Yeah, at school we were asked to promote anti-sectarianism and I came up with a song. I thought nothing of it until The Monty Hall Problem got in touch with me and asked if I could support them on a gig. I did but after that I realised that there are limits to playing by yourself at these events so I decided I would get a band.

Lewis: Sometimes we play different roles in the band, for instance sometimes Jake only plays guitar and is a backing singer when we rehearse for my gig and it could be different when we are practicing for someone else's gig.

Jake: This is only our fourth gig tonight.

Really? Wow!

Jake: We don't play the same thing at every gig, sometimes we are quite jazzy then other times we are more rocky. It just depends really.

When bands start out is it good to play other artists' songs?

Eddie: We haven't done any covers.

Jake: I would try and get as much original stuff as you can but I do agree that it is easier to get an audience's attention if you sing well known songs.

Concluding question, where do you all want to be musically in 10 years' time?

Donald: I would just like to make a living from music as it's the only thing I am good at.

Jake: Anything to do with music – working in a venue, music shop or doing a uni course in sound production or audio or something like that.

Eddie: There is nothing better that playing music. My dad is in a band so I would like to be like him when I am that age.

Lewis: I would prefer to play music for fun as I don't think that I would appreciate it as much if I was doing it as a full time job.

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